Managed Servers

Physical server operation
  • max. 5 hours

per month from


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Physical and Virtual server installation
  • max 5 hours

per server from


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Virtual server operation
  • max 2 hours

per month from


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High level monitoring
  • Nagios based

per month per IP from


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System engineering fee
  • Linux and Windows

per hour from


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Server Operation

  • Debian/Ubuntu Linux, Windows installation
  • Server configuration and patching
  • Firewall installation and configuration
  • System administrator tasks
  • High level monitoring
  • Automated security testing

High level server monitoring

  • Nagios based monitoring
  • Port monitoring
  • Custom scripts for periodic testing and monitoring
  • Email notifications in case of any issue
  • SMS notification in case of any issue

Automated security testing

  • Daily full range portscan


Would you like to be sure that your server is in safe hands?

Would you like a professional service provider with a flexible team to operate your servers?

Would you like to have the best professionals in reach if needed?

Trust us with your server! This way you only need to concentrate on your core activity.

Host your servers in our data center (1108 Budapest, Kozma u. 2.) where we operate and monitor your servers 24/7.

All operated servers are constantly monitored to the software level.

For all operated servers, we install the operating the system (Linux and Windows), operate the server, install and configure the firewall and constantly monitor them to be sure that everything is working as needed all the time.

In case of any issue, we take necessary steps and keep you informed all the way.

Our professionals have exceptional experience in operating thousands os servers.

Why operate your server by us?

  • As you don’t need to hire a system administrator
  • As you can contact us at anytime if you have a question or an issue.
  • As you don’t need to worry if your server is looked after 24/7
  • As in case of an issue, we start resolving right away. If there is a HW issue, we replace the server. Rent server from us. Rent server from us.
  • As our server operation service can minimise cost of IT.
  • As our system administrators are not just well experienced, this is their life.
  • As on top of the regular server operation tasks we are researching new and innovative solutions.

In case you don’t want to loose control on your systems but don’t want to bother with everyday burden of operating servers, we can help. We have a great experience in operating multiple all sort of servers. We can help in designing, implementing and operating your systems to architect level. No need to find and hire a sys admin. We are here, and we are available all the time 24/7.