Software Rental


Would like software, but only for a week?

Would you like to modify your licence usage according to your needs?
Would you like to have licence without the need to invest, in a monthy rent instead?

Would you like to have these licence starting from few Euros a month?

Microsoft’s newest licence construction, Service Provider License Agreement, SPLA.

This allows you to rent licenses on a monthly basis.

Software renting has lot’s if benefits from technology and cost side.
Almost all of Microsoft’s software portfolio can be reached this way.

Why do you need SPLA?

  • No investment needed.
  • Only monthly fees.
  • The monthly fees depend on usage.
  • Usage can modified every month.
  • We take care of the installation and upgrades, no additional fee is required from your side.
  • Can be ordered and modified at any time.
  • Using one agreement, all Microsoft licences are reachable.

Windows Server Standard 1Proc
Windows Server Essentials 1 Proc
Windows Server Datacenter 1 Proc
Windows Remote Desktop Services SAL
Windows Rights Management Services CAL
SQL Server Web Edition 2Core
SQL Server Standard Core 2Core
SQL Server Enterprise 2Core
SQL Server Standard Edition SAL
SQL Server Business Intelligence SAL
Exchange Basic SAL
Exchange Enterprise SAL
Exchange Enterprise Plus SAL
Exchange Standard SAL for small accounts
Exchange Enterprise SAL for small accounts
Exchange Standard SAL
Exchange Standard Plus SAL

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Software rentel is a new option, founded by customer needs. If servers can be rented for a few weeks or months, why can’t software be as well? The bases of SPLA is to follow customer needs in a very flexible way.